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What to Watch For When Getting a New Driveway for Your Home

A lot of aspects of our homes are becoming more important when it comes to the overall appearance and appeal of our homes. One of the most popular ways to smarten up our homes is to get a new driveway laid, with many different styles and designs, made from a wide array of materials you could get a truly unique look for your home and create a nice, smooth lead up to your home.

Today, Les at Local Quoter is going to discuss the key things to bear in mind when choosing a company to lay your new driveway. There have been plenty of stories in the media about cowboy builders doing a poor job and home improvement comparison service Local Quoter and Les are well aware of what to look for and to suss out a trustworthy driveway specialist in your area.

Phone a friend

“Like many home improvements, most people will ask around with friends, family or neighbours to see what company they used when getting their new driveway built. This way you can ask about the quality of the work, whether there were any problems and the value for money too” Speaking to friends and family about their experience with any particular company will get you trustworthy recommendations and warnings, warning some less reputable companies may be shy about mentioning on their website or advert in the yellow pages!

See the finished product for yourself

It’s important to see what you are buying before stumping up the cash; this is especially true for driveways as Les points out: “Doing a bit of research is easy, even a walk around your neighbourhood could help you discover a particular driveway style or material that you think would suit your property. Take pictures if you can to show any companies what you have in mind.”

Be careful of what lies beneath!

“With some popular driveway styles such as tarmac and block paving if the proper groundwork and underlay has not been properly done to regulation standard then this can cause driveways to sink, crack or age prematurely” warns [NAME]. “It pays to ask questions and be present when the work is being done, make sure the correct depth of hardcore, base layer and top layer are used to make sure your tarmac driveway lasts as long as possible.”

Will your driveway require regular maintenance?

“Some concrete and stone driveways can look great when they are first laid, but can lose their shine or waterproof properties over time and with weathering. Some driveways like this will need regular maintenance on an annual or every couple of month’s basis. This is often a coating of a special substance that keeps your driveway looking good and keeps its strength too.” The costs of these treatments should be factored in to your budget but fortunately this won’t be a frequent expense.

Les’s final piece of advice for homeowners is “make sure to have a look around and get those recommendations, some companies may even have catalogues or photo albums of their previous work so make sure do your homework.”

There are many companies offering to resurface and build new driveways but it is a good idea to compare a few different companies before you choose one.

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