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Top Tips to Find a Reliable and High Quality Double Glazing Company

Getting double glazed windows fitted in the home is one of the first activities people consider when they are looking to do some affordable and attractive home improvements. Double glazing firms are everywhere, flicking through the yellow pages brings back entire sections devoted to fitting new double glazing and uPVC window frame fitters so it can be difficult to know which company is going to be the best to use. Homeowners won’t take these costly home improvements lightly and so will want to be sure about the person who they are handing their money over to.

Michael at Local Quoter, an comparison site for various home improvements including double glazing has highlighted their top tips for homeowners searching for a reputable double glazing fitter in hope that they can avoid the common pitfalls and ensure their windows are fitted by a reputable service:

Do a background check

“Taking the time to find out about the companies you are looking to use is essential” urges Michael, “after all, you are letting them into your home so making sure they have a solid reputation and a string of happy customers will be important.”

Researching the double glazing company you are looking at is easy with the internet at your disposal, many forums and consumer sites will name and shame those that have a reputation for poor customer service and quality of work.

Check the Guarantee period

“Most double glazing fitters will have confidence in their products and service enough to provide reassuring guarantees on their products in case any problems such as leaking seals or excess condensation develop.”

These problems may not surface for many years so look for those that offer longer guarantee periods such as 10 or 15 years, this means that if any problems arise then they can be fixed free of charge.

Check their credentials

Michael pointed out, “With any home improvement trade there are industry standards and certification schemes that ensure the company is trained and qualified to carry out the work as well as prove to the customer that they are a trustworthy service, recognised by their peers and authorities” Relevant window related certifications include FENSA and British Standards (BSI) and these services will often be able to put you in touch with a reputable window fitter in your area.

In summary, Michael said, “getting new window frames and energy saving double glazed windows is something that will require some time and research to ensure the work is carried out not only quickly, but also to a high standard.

“A good way to speed this up is to ask friends and family about companies that did similar work for their properties. The better companies will gain extra business this way and some companies may even have testimonials from satisfied customers to offer when considering them also.”

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Double glazing – making your home economic, green and cosy!

The next in our series looking at how to save money and become energy efficient around the house concentrates on double glazing; how to ensure that your current windows are up to scratch and if not what you can do about it..


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